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Until one has loved an animal, a part of one's soul remains unawakened - Anatole France
On 21 January 2010, Bear went to join her friend Baby.  Such a sweet girl, Bear was always a happy dog and friendly with everyone she ever met.  She is mourned by all of us especially Shado her oldest friend and we will remember her always with love.
On April 1st 2010 Shado the cat has gone to join his friends.  After sixteen years and putting up with dogs and puppies he will be greatly missed.
Photo to follow
Here is our page where we pay tribute to those who have crossed into the Summerland, to play and romp til we meet them again.
A gentle soul in the body of a giant.  Baby was a rescue, he was abandoned on an acreage outside of Edmonton about six years ago.  At 145lbs and 32 inches at the shoulder, Baby was an unlikely name until you got to know him.  We were privleged to be his guardians.  Baby recently passed after being diagnosed with cancer.  He crossed to the summerland surrounded by the rest of his animal and human family, in his favorite spot under the willow tree.  Sorely missed by all
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