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Previous Litters
Here are photos of our previous litters and comments from their current owners.

From our puppy guardians:

Kelly & Shelly (Ringo-Jo), Alberta "Attached is a picture of Ringo-Jo @ 9 months old.   He loves to play with balls, looks like dad (Payton) & is protective (untrusting of strangers) like mom (Piper). He weighs 100.3 lbs as of today. 
Ringo is doing so well.....a very intelligent dog.   I would recommend the King Shepherd breed to everyone!!!    He is so happy to see snow again.....I wish I could say the same."

Tobin & Christine (Roka), British Columbia "She's a gorgeous looking dog.  People stop us on the street to find out what breed she is."  "Took her camping for a week all over BC and she loved it."  "She was well behaved and enjoyed the lakes and creeks every stop along the way."

Chris and Lynn (Destiny), Alberta "She definitely has the personality of Piper and Payton. She's very loyal like Payton and untrusting of strangers like Piper until she warms up then she's super lovable. We've been doing lots of training with her at home. She's extremely smart but also stubborn at the same time. She does have her off days where she chooses not to listen. But we love her to bits. People can never guess what kind of dog she is when we take her out, especially to the dog park. Destani is the neighborhood dog. All the kids in our neighborhood wanted to play with her all the time. Everyone loves her. They know her as the big loveable white dog."

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