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Favorite Links
Amy's Acres - A caring and very knowledgable breeder of King Shepherds, she is our mentor and friend.  Both Piper and Payton come from Amy's Acres, view her site for lots of wonderful photos and information.
King Shepherd Club International (KSCI) - an inclusive organization and welcomes all King Shepherds & owners to events, shows & as members.  Vist the site for excellent information on the breed and breeders and/or join the Yahoo group for discussions etc with other King Shepherd guardians and breeders

North American Kennel Club (Rare Breed Association) - accepts all ancient, rare breeds and AKC/CKC breeds as well.  The American King Shepherd is part of the Working Group, click the below link for the Breed Standard
American King Shepherd
Orijen - High-protein, low-carbohydrate and grain-free, ORIJEN features fresh regional ingredients in a Biologically Appropriate ratio of 70 percent meat, 30 percent fruit and vegetables and zero grain (70/30/0).

Pets by Deb - An accomplished artist with over 30 years experience, Deborah specializes in the creation of commissioned portraits of domestic animals. Deborah did a portrait of Baby for us (click on Baby's name to see it)
Visit her site for more information
PennHIP - PennHIP is a not-for-profit program, wholly owned and operated, by the University of Pennsylvania. Their mission is to develop and apply evidence-based technology to direct appropriate breeding strategies aimed at reducing in frequency and severity the osteoarthritis of canine hip dysplasia. Click here PennHIP to go to their site
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