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About Us

The Human hands behind the operation, both of us have been animal lovers our entire lives.  We love big dogs and had the honour of being guardians to a wonderful King Shepherd, Baby.  It was because of Baby we researched the breed and decided to become breeders ourselves in order to promote and expand this wonderful breed of dog. 

The King Shepherd is a breed still in development, and we feel a very special breed.  We intend to work with other breeders to encourage good breeding practices and enhance the breed for the future.  We recommend that anyone looking for a canine companion research the breed and the breeder throughly. 

Why the Patriot Kings?  Both of us have a combined 40 plus years of service with the Canadian Forces and feel a very strong connection to our fellow service members and our country.   Our thoughts are always with our brothers and sisters in arms serving around the world.
Barb in Kosovo 1999 with Princess the kitten safely stowed
Rudy in Croation 1992/93 with Mickey, section mascot
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